Norris Family in 2018 FAQ

BY IN Ministry Updates On March 27, 2018

Why Hawaii?

We will start with this one as we know there is a lot of stigma around “Hawaii”. How is that missions? etc. We know for a lot of people around the world this is paradise, though for me (Daniel) this is home. While I definitely love this place it is full of it’s own challenges when you step away from the hotel facades. Challenges that are similar to anywhere you go in the world. Including extreme poverty like you would only find in third world countries. Basically it is a place that desperately needs missionaries. Needs people sharing the hope of Jesus. Also as you have followed my communications ministry the past few years I believe God has brought us here for a strategic reason. YWAM Kona is the largest YWAM campus worldwide out of which thousands are trained and sent to the nations every year. It is also where missions leaders converge on a regular basis. Being here at YWAM Kona has the potential to multiply the things God is using me in with communications. Which I hope will help mobilize even more people into the great commission than ever before.

On a final note, something God has spoken to us since were first married was the value of family. This was challenging being in Australia though we were always blown away by how faithful God was in bringing our families together. Kona is where my parents and brother and sister in law live. It also makes it much easier for our New England family to come here and for us to go there. We don’t just see this as a convenience but as an important part of how our family is to operate.

Where are you living?

At this point we are staying in my parents place here in Kona which is just above the YWAM campus. We will then be needing a more permanent solution starting later in the year when we return from our other travel.

So you moved to Kona, why are you leaving in a few months?

One of the big words we felt the Lord speak to us last year was about being a “Mobile” family. Also when praying about Kona we felt not to get to settled just yet. As we explored that further the opportunity came up to spend some time serving with YWAM Mazatlan, Mexico. Mazatlan is a place Daniel has been working closely with for years and was where we went on our first family outreach back in 2016 with Lilly. So the plan at this point is to go there in May for about 8 weeks. Then we will head to Vermont to connect with some of you. We are also looking at possibly spending some of the time in Vermont working and support raising to both buy a car and enable us to make the final move to Kona in September/October.

Are you joining staff at YWAM Kona?

This is a good question, one we honestly don’t have a clear answer on. Over the next few months I (Daniel) will be meeting with the leaders here to see what it would look like to join staff. As we explained previously this year is going to look quite different, especially in regards to our mobility. So with that in mind, plus being in the middle of a big transition, we are being careful how much we commit ourselves.

What do you need prayer for in this season?

-Our family emotionally.
-Wisdom as we plan out travel for the year.
-A car & a home.
-Regular financial support.


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