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As of January 2018 our family will be stepping into a new season unlike anything before it. We will be leaving the shores of Australia and moving to Kona, Hawaii. After 14 years (9 for Jess) this is no small thing and is something we have been praying into for a while now. While we are leaving our family here at YWAM Newcastle we are still continuing on in missions with YWAM. A lot of what that will specifically look like is still unknown but we are excited to dream with God for this new future for our family. Words can’t describe how valuable and formative our years here in Newcastle have been. We are so grateful to Dave & Carrie Stephenson for their vision and leadership as well as friendship. To list everyone else would probably break the internet! While leaving will be hard I don’t think I have ever been so excited for YWAM Newcastle’s future and where God is taking this place. The quality of the staff and leaders, and the new initiatives, are inspiring and I so look forward to coming back when possible.

There is so much more to our process leading up to this decision, and also to some of what we are thinking next, but we wanted to keep this initial update brief. We really want most of it to be shared as personally as possible so if you have questions and want to know more please reach out to us. Also we wanted to leave you with another announcement that we would love you to connect with, follow, and support.

A New Family Travel Project

A few months ago Jess and I were praying into the year when God began to give us some new vision for our family’s communications. To not simply get more consistent but actually broaden our scope and impact with how we communicate online. This is not something that would replace our usual ministry specific updates but we are beginning to plan a new family focussed web site. On it we want to share our adventure traveling and following God as a family to help encourage others. This would be done through a blog, videos, and social media. The vision for this is bigger than we could have dreamt up and we are excited to see how God continues to lead it and provide for it.

While it doesn’t have an official name yet, and is not public, we would love for you to go follow the new Instagram Account by CLICKING HERE. This is where we hope to start exploring ideas and would love your input as we do that. Also if this is something you would like to get behind in other ways please let us know.

Love, Daniel, Jess, Lilly & Zane

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