BY IN Ministry Updates On May 28, 2012

Hebrews 10:39 But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.

The word of God is one of the best gifts you could give a young person.

Last week I had the opportunity to share at our weekly youth event called Youth Street Live about the Bible. I felt to challenge them about where they go for answers. Young people often struggle with reading the Bible. It’s not always the easiest & most convenient source for direction & answers. Even though it is the word of God & is the best thing we could ever read!  It is the ultimate source of wisdom and we so often leave it lying on a dusty shelf.

At the end I was blown away by how many of them came up to grab reading plans I had printed out. Two of our skaters even talked about how they were going to text each other to make sure they were reading it. That simple storymade it all worth it to me though there is one more main highlight. The day before I felt God speak to me that I needed to give away the bible I had gotten when I was 17 and had first started really living for God. As I wrapped up speaking I shared that with everyone and said that if there is was someone in the room who didn’t have a bible and felt challenged by what I had said to come and have mine. I then sat down at the front when one of the teens from Jess’ surf team, who is actually a refugee from the Congo, came and sat down with me. He then opened up to me about how he really wanted to start reading the Bible regularly and wanted to live his life more for God! After taking the bible he went and sat with one of our other staff for the rest of the night and had a bible study.

By Daniel

We have been continuing to see favor and opportunities in the city through Rahab! Earlier this month we were invited to a big event to run a stall where we sold baked goods to raise money for the ministry. We were one of only three local ministries invited to do this! We raised just over $350! This will be a huge help for us as we get this ministry off the ground and will allow us to get different resources to continue growing!

It has been really challenging every month to go in to these places and see the hopelessness and emptiness in the eyes of the girls we meet. But I am so thankful that once a month we get to look in their eyes, and whether it’s througha simple conversation or an opportunity to pray for them, we are bringing a little light into their lives. The responses vary and we’ve definitely felt rejection and discouragement at times as a team. But then there are moments where we just know that Jesus just touched their hearts and it makes it so worth it. I can’t wait to see them realize the love and life God has for them.

As always thank you so much for reading our update and for your prayers and support of us. Also, we are coming home to the east coast this summer- July and into August and would LOVE to catch up with many of you in that area! It will have been over a year and a half (since our wedding!) since we’ve been with my family so we are really looking forward to it!

By Jess


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